This is the Level 1 attestation mode checker. It's a work-in-progress.. Code is on Github, though deployment is manual.

You can open this page inside an iframe for testing as well, or open a cross-origin iframe (which is prohibited and will give an error).

You can also load this page on port 8443 to test that alternate ports work for a given RP ID.

To use this to test Web Authentication support in Firefox, be sure you're using Firefox 60 or later.




Relying Party ID to use. "" and "" should be the only valid options. Ports, paths, schema and such should be forbidden.

Attestation type.

FIDO AppID to use. (If set, will use U2F for registration and the AppID compatibility extension. "" and "" are valid options for Firefox. Only "" is valid for Chrome.)

Should this page aggressively loop forever on an operation? (Test denial-of-service to WebAuthn)